Unravel Your Photos: Lesson Four

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lesson Four of Life:Captured Inc.'s Photo Organization with Lightroom class is all about keywording. I’ve been looking forward to this lesson since the beginning of the boot camp because for me, this is the fun part of the whole process. In addition, applying keywords to your library opens the door to doing exciting things with your photos.

Ronnie shares her keyword list and provides advice on how to create your own list of useful keywords. Beyond keywording based on people, places, and events, I loved the idea of keywording based on unique features of the photos (like the predominant color) or items in the photos. I learned about keyword sets and saw how utilizing them can dramatically cut down on the amount of time needed to keyword photos. 

Before using Lightroom, I used iPhoto to organize my photos. Beyond organizing my photos into "Events" and playing with the "Faces" and "Places" features, there wasn't much else I could use to search for specific photos.

In addition to key wording, Ronnie also discusses rating your photos and offers a simple way to flag your highest quality photos (photos to be used for keepsakes, photo books, etc.) and your favorite photos, which may not necessarily be the best quality captures but for one reason or another, are special or meaningful to you.

Keywording my entire photo library is a huge undertaking, but Ronnie’s tips and tricks will definitely make the process easier and quicker. This lesson comes at the perfect time as I import, sort through, and apply keywords to my photos from my business trip to Savannah.

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